By Pekka Saarinen 2002

1.22 fixes a few new bugs found in 1.21 and has new features based on 1.21's user feedback.

  • Feedback bug which was a complex password related logic problem is fixed. It was the hardest fix yet. Thanks to scho for reporting it.
  • A bug related to delete exhibition and exhibition display order was fixed.
  • Changes in 'not found' texts.
  • In photo browser editor, added a choice to make all photos in exhibition visible with one command.
  • In photo editor, counter can be reset.
  • Javascript confirm dialogs (Yes/Cancel) for exhibition delete, photo delete, make visible and multidelete commands.
  • A first version of report/repair tool is included in installer. It checks stray photos in photo->exhibition linking, it checks counters (duplicates, orphans, invalid), and that all default id's are in place. More checks will be added. This tool will be a one item in a separate EE toolpack which will contain also backup/restore and (if I have skills to code it) also per exhibition and per photo backup/restore/move.
  • Exhibition order editor: set order of exhibitions (on index page and dropdown listings).
  • Full version 1.21 missed a few images for editor UI.
  • If all exhibitions had a private password, editor could not show any - fixed.


By Pekka Saarinen 2002


  • PHP 4.2 compatibility SetGlobals= off compatibility (means also more security, at least in theory). Main thing it's now compatible with standard PHP 4.2 install.
  • Many new custom functions e.g one which tells in which exhibition item is used (works for lenses, owners, cameras, lights, locations, workflows)
  • All common code is now in fetchsettings.php
  • A complete CSS style system. Style.php includes style definitions (styles are not in database in order to be easily shareable). Choose the styles from exhibition editor. Each style is in its own style folder, with custom graphics. Each exhibition can have its own style, but this is for flexibility only, it was not meant to be utilized to the full! Use them carefully, with good taste. Exhibition style governs feedback, too. Indexpage and shared feedback can have its own style.
  • Editor's browser (list.php) is now nearly indentical to public list.php (but without styles, as the whole editor). I removed photo browser's bottom infotexts for clarity - they are not really needed in editor side.
  • New extremely randomizer shuffle method (shuffle function did not work on windows php 4.2...)
  • Lots of bug fixes. These fixes are mostly something you probably would not have noticed, but it's good to know the code is much more solid now. One big bug fixed was that change of photo size reseted list properties (thanks for Pigasus for reporting this).
  • Cosmetic adjustments here and there.
  • News input had several small bugs which were fixed.
  • System message code more thorough.
  • Comment system recoded.
  • Added Taiwan to country database. Please mail me if any other countries are missing.
  • Photo page's lower microthumb row navigation bug is fixed (sort by DESC messed it up).
  • Added ev and orientation to defaults.
  • Gear notes and front page speed is at least doubled.
  • Includes within includes (e.g. styles use them) are now handled using toroot.php's.


  • Defaults Editor zoom values fixed, a nasty bug in delete exhibition fixed
  • New path editor layout and features: Thumb path and microthumb path editors were moved from multieditor to path editor. Added a rule to size path editor that used paths cannot be deleted without checking a switch before doing it. Path analyzer which checks path validity (existing files, variable 'default', existing thumbs).
  • System message reports are now more thorough. They store exhibition creation and deletion, photo copy/delete actions, path deletion info with deleted path data, multidelete messages etc. System messages are opened into its own Javascript popup window, and it autorefreshes. Autorefresh rate can be set, and refresh can be halted and restarted from same window.
  • Exhibition editor has now a dropdown menu for selecting exhibitions.
  • Photo editor shows in which exhibitions this photo is used.
  • Top menu changed.
  • SELECT SIZE PATHS scales now to fit all paths so that scrolling is not needed.
  • In photo editor there is now a choice to add all files from exhibition path to the exhibition in one command. There is no undo for this, so make sure you have all default settings correct before using this feature.
  • Integrated usage FAQ
  • Author's photo order per exhibition
  • Size Menu's order can be set (in size path editor).
  • Misc. Settings Editor:

    • Choice for removing keyword search code from public interface.
    • Comment system choices: you can set commenting on each exhibition, or force them all to ALL, or shut down comment system altogether.
    • Number of photo page microthumbs (navigation) can be set from 1 to 7 (number of microthumbs added both left and right of currect photo, so e.g. setting 5 gets you 11 microthumbs.). Set this in settings editor.
    • Photo can be centered horizontally if needed.
    • Two variable column detail lists: choose which columns to display, separately for both detail list views.
    • Added 'sort by' field to settings.
    • An option to check if photo exists, and replace error icons with own versions.


  • Added to photo page photo linking choices - click photo gets you next photo (or not). One of the choices makes seach photo have 5 active mouse areas which take you to 'previous', 'next', 'next size', 'previous size' and 'exhibition browser'.
  • Text areas' link activation and line breaking choice for photo, index and list pages.
  • Choice for removing search fields from public interface.
  • Changes in feedback pages appearance and menus.
  • Colors! colors!
  • Detail list 1 and 2
  • More sorting choices
  • Detail list whole rows are now links to that photo (Javascript).
  • Feedback iframe adjusts its size dynamically to page size (Jacascript, after refresh).
  • Feedback iframe text windows use exhibition colors.
  • Photo page detail text has now active links to all used categories.
  • Comments can be targeted to a specific exhibition, or to all, or comment system may have been removed totally.
  • Detail list view has a sort field header highlight color.
  • Photo links from lens info popup open now back to main window. Popups open to named target windows, i.e. different lenses open over same popup window.
  • Metering added to photo page info.


  • The new style system: in styles.php you insert your own styles, and the actual style data is in separate style folder which has one simple php file for each style (edit in notepad). Each style has its own graphs, and colors and fonts - you have a total control over all aspects. Styles can have intelligence, too, by extra php coding - I included a function which changes luminance of HEX colors, it makes building color schemes faster. Photos can have now a frame and a shadow, too - I have included a subtle shadows preset styles and I'll provide PSD files and actions to create more of them for different background colors.
  • Included camera and lense photos are now transparent gifs suitable for any color background. Use camera and lens editor to point EE use the gif's instead of jpgs.


  • Big thanks to Sally (the best beta tester I know). She brought EE quality to the next level.
  • Eizo for keeping my eyes going on during hours of coding.
  • Whoever invented beer.
  • All EE users.
  • MySQL and PHP teams.
  • Macromedia Homesite 5.
  • YOU for choosing EE!