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Sprott's Software
The Kitchen Shelf
Cornell University's CU-SeeMe Page
Download demo of Enhanced CU-SeeMe v2.01 for Windows
Digital Video Coding at Telenor R&D
J.P. Louvet : Fractales, adresses
Download Fractal Imager
MS Windows Files
Download McAfee
Windows Helper Applications
Bacard's Privacy Page
InfoWest Windows 95 Software Archive!
Compressed Files
Compressed Files
WinVN Newsreader Home Page
Welcome to CUI
Synergy Newsgroup Document
UCD Dept. of Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab
OTIS SYNERGY collab projects


hack stuffs
Web-Counter Creation Page
Cyberpunk and Cypherpunk Info on the Web
millennium pop

Wired Magazine

Cyberpunk and Cypherpunk Info on the Web
The Funny Bone Homepage
La Paranoia Home Page
Forbidden Fire


InfoSeek Guide: Search Results
Electric Power Research Institute Rotating Machinery
Career Resource Center
Electric Power Research Institute
Related Information Sources
The WWW Virtual Library for Power Engineering
The "Power Globe" Mailing List
EYP: Hydroelectric
Homepage KEMA
COE Hydroelectric Design Center
The Automation List
ElectricNet OnLine Directory - buyers' guide for the electrical power industry
Internet Catalogue Distributed Control
Career Opportunities
B & B Electronics Manufacturing Company
New Version of PowerWorld Now Available
Embedded & Real-Time Computer Systems
Cegelec Industrial Controls
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Internet Services
ElectricNet directory of companies providing products & services to the electrical power industry
Index of /dmg/jpl/loc/data/specs/
EMC Specifications
Standards Products By Subject
Fieldbus Forum
Profibus Home Page
Fieldbus Forum
IEC Suisse Normal Page
IEC 870 Index
Electric Supplies Directory
CAE Inc. Home page
The Instrumentation and Control Signpost
Modicon Home Page
Bus Standards
B.C.Hydro Home Page
Center for Real-Time and Intelligent Complex Computing Systems/CRICCS
Real-Time Systems
Simulator People
Related Organizations and Resources
Real Time References on the WWW
About the Distributed Systems and Industrial Automation Group
Control Engineering Virtual Library
TUT Control Engineering Lab: Related links
SCAD: Systems and Control Research Groups Worldwide
The IEEE-CS TC-RTS Home Page


Home Page - Frame Grabbers and Scan Converters
Windows 95 Drivers
Digital Vision's System Software - text version
Frank's Windows 95 Software/Drivers Upgrades
Extracting Wacom Drivers
Welcome to Innovision
Digital Vision in the WWW - Index
Wacom Home Page
Winsock Connections
Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc.


The Internet PC Games Charts
Directory of /idstuff/quake
The 3D Gaming Scene - Front Page
Aftershock... where Quake awakes.
Quake Mini FAQ (16th April 1996)
Looking Glass Technologies
Dave's Problem Solving Web Page(s)
Not Quite My Doom Page
The Official DESCENT Page
Zarf's List of Interactive Games on the Web
Peter's Top Ten 3-D Games
Directory of /pub/cica/pc/win3/games's Game Related Files


Stroud's CWSApps List - Main Menu
Viewpoint DataLabs: Welcome
VSL: Master Site
Telenor's H.263 Software - convert
3D Studio
Other 3D-Graphics Sites
RMA-ELEC Research on image compression
Spanky Welcome
The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ
MPEG Internet Resources
PHADE's ultimate MPEG site collection
MPEG info
Directory of /mpeg/programs
InterSex City/The West End
MPEG sources
Computer Graphics
WebSpace Installation
Primordial Soup Kitchen
The Kitchen Sink
JPB's Graphics/Archive hotlist
FGDC Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products - USGS Index


INTELLICAST: Caribbean Satellite
Online Resources for Earth Scientists
Query Page
Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
Xerox PARC PubWeb Server
Map-Related Web Sites
Ionia "1 km AVHRR Global Land Data Set" Net-Browser
Views Of The Solar System
Earth Image Index


Ken Field: Subterranea CD
Laser Edge progressive
CALYX - The Canterbury Web Page
French Music Database
liens musicaux
The Big Bang Website
The Frog Prog Pages
The Canterbury Discography
Welcome to MAZ home
Kinesis CD homepage
Charly García
Musical Web Connections Table of Contents
AMG Online Music Magazine
John Peel's Festive 50's
Julian's rock list home page
Index of /pub/music/lists/
Index of /pub/music/lists/marillion/
Aardvark's Archive Of General Musical Interest
Charly García
Audiophile Imports
Infoseek Guide Search: "import CD" distributor
Music by Email
DMX Music Central - CD's, Records, & Tapes
CDworld: The Largest Internet DISCOUNT Music Store
ABC RadioNet / New York
ProgTron: Home Page
Gibraltar Electronic Magazine
The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock 1
The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock 2
The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock 3
The Progressive Rock Web Site
Discography of the Canterbury Bands
List of Musical Mailing Lists
Progressive Rock Home Page
Direct WAVmaker 2.2 Download
Home Pages of American Progressive Rock Bands
ProgTron: Home Page
HTTP access of /mirrors/ftp/uwp/pub/music/lyrics
Music Home Page
WinWorld "sound" Section Statistics
MAZ Sound Tools Page
Virtual Radio Home Page
Alt.Music - Home Page
Bandit Radio
Bargain Finder agent prototype
Internet Underground Music Archive
MTV Oddities - The Maxx - Video
Emusic Main Menu
The Canadian Music Exchange
the canadian music exchange
nettweb 2.5
Internet Underground Music Archive
raft 'n' loose
Web Wide World of Music
the ultimate band list
RealAudio Homepage
Future Times - 8 May 1995
The Area Home Page
Jurriaan Hage's Progressive Rock Pages
Music Resources on the Internet
SOUNDPRINT Media Center, Inc.
Sites with audio clips
Rock Around the World ®
All Progressive Rock Bands
And Through The Wire - Peter Gabriel
The Chamber of 32 Frequently Asked Questions
Directory of /Plato/pub/gibraltar
the ultimate band list
Other Music Sites
RealAudio Homepage
Kspace Music Kiosk
Directory of /Plato/pub/gepr/compressed
GEPR Additions etc.
The Fractal Music Project
Forward Progress: Progressive Rock Show & Music Archives
The Sheltering Sky Home Page


Home Page Ocei
Weather-Caracas, Venezuela
Caruachi Hydroelectric Power Plant Project
Georg Fendt (Home Page)
Venezuela on the Web