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Project Coordinator

Hydroelectric Project Coordinator (present) CVG EDELCA - Caracas – Venezuela.

Coordinate activities and sponsor hydropower projects. Performs presentations to board of directors, steering and executive committees. External promotion of projects. Participates in feasibility, market and financial estimates. Prepares information for bankability and government approval. Defines contracting strategies and searches for international financing candidates and mechanisms (US$ 2,000 Million).

Control Center Design
Section Chief. Present
Personnel: 6 Engineers
CVG Edelca - Caracas, D.F. - Venezuela
Responsible for future Hydroelectric Projects promotion and financing procurement. Dedicated to investigating and defining financing structure proposals for engineering, construction and procurement. Responsible for identifying and studying opportunities
for joint enterprises and new business possibilities in civil and electromechanical engineering and construction. Responsible for contracting and supervising social evaluation studies (social cost-benefit) for large infrastructure projects. Performs project sponsoring

CVG Edelca - Caracas, D.F. - Venezuela
Responsible for plant coordination and detailed electromechanical design of both SCADA and Control Center Applications for Large Hydroelectric Power Stations (RTU, Fiber Optics, AGC, AVC, UNIX SCADA, & Project Specific Implementation). Technical Design Memoranda, Specification, International Bid evaluation and
purchase. In-house technical consultant for operation and control related problems. Permanent participation in planning, control and follow up of long life cycle technical projects ( 8+ years: Guri 10GW, Macagua 2.5GW and Caruachi 2.3GW Hydropower Stations). Commissioning and installation works coordination. Continuous factory and site inspections. Participated in Unit Control Switchboard, Governor and Excitation Systems design, procurement and inspection.

Field Engineer
From Nov'85 to Mar'86
Personnel: 2 Technc.
Schlumberger, Ltd. - Provincia Chubut - Argentina On site extraction and interpretation of geological oil reservoir logs from wireline gathered information. Customer support and billing.

Electrical Engineer
from July'85 to Oct'85
Personnel: 2 Technc.
CVG Edelca - Guri. - Edo. Bolívar - Venezuela Site acceptance tests of large generators (700MW), excitation systems, transformers. Result evaluation according to ANSI, IEEE, IEC, ASA Standards.

Advanced Management Program
October 1999
IESA - Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración, Caracas - Venezuela.

Electrical Engineer
BSEE 1985
Universidad Simón Bolívar. Caracas - Venezuela.

Project Estimates and Risk Assesment - Pathfinder LLC

Strategic Alliances - IESA

VAX 11/ 780 Hardware - Digital Equipment Corp.

VMS Operating System - Digital Equipment Corp.

Sulzer Governor Systems - SULZER - Escher Wyss

Fiber Optic Project Design and Installation

Siemens Sinaut SPECTRUM "On the Job" Training

Papers CIER, Comité de Integración Energética Regional, 1994.

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Personal Married, 2 children. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, July 15th, 1962.

References: Available upon request.